Culinary creativity with a conscience. 

At Pa'lais, we are leading the way to a kinder future by reimagining traditional dairy production methods.

Our vegan cheese-style spreads taste just as good as their dairy equivalents, but are better for your health, better for the animals, better for the people who grow our organic ingredients, and better for the planet we all share. 


A vegan gourmet on a mission.

Laurent is a gourmet on a mission: to create dairy-free products that delight your palate without clouding your conscience. As a passionate supporter of animal rights, Laurent’s disappointment with the non-dairy cheese replacements on the market drove him to try making his own.

Inspired by a vision of a kinder, healthier future and driven by his belief in the power of creativity, Laurent turned conventional cheese making techniques on their head, and hacked his way to a completely new kind of plant-based cheese.

Based on home-brewed nut milks, fermented using traditional cultures, the vegan cheeses Laurent creates — bleus, camemberts and cream cheeses — have delighted everyone who has tasted them. 

Laurent hopes that his range of Pa'lais cheeses will appeal both to vegans who miss the creamy indulgence of a fully-loaded tartine and also to omnivores who want to make conscious dietary choices without sacrificing the sensual pleasures of texture and flavour.


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