Pa’lais Mango & Chili

Time to spice things up

Pa’lais Mango & Chili is perfect as an aperitif on crackers or to give a fruity and spicy touch to your toasts, sandwiches and wraps! Get ready to travel with every bite! Pa’lais Mango & Chili is a delicious alternative to cheese spread, made from sustainable cashew nuts, without milk or lactose.




125 g

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Nutritional values100gr
  • Energy

    285 kcal

  • Fat

    22,4 g

  • of which satured fat

    3,0 g

  • Carbohydrate

    13 g

  • of which sugars

    4,5 g

  • Fibres

    4,1 g

  • Protein

    9,6 g

  • Salt

    0,77 g

  • cashew nuts*

    28,2 %

  • almonds*

  • mango*

    12 %

  • apple vinegar*

  • lemon juice*

  • unrefined cane sugar*

  • nutritional yeast*

  • white vinegar*

  • garlic*

  • ginger*

  • tumeric*

  • salt

  • chili peppers*

    0,05 %

  • ferments (organic certified)*

  • *organic certified

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