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Pa’lais exists because we felt there needed to be more yummy and planet-friendly food. So we made our creamy spreads and sauces entirely out of plants.

Meet us

Incredible recipes
that will take your taste buds to heaven and back

Incredible recipes

that will take your taste buds to heaven and back

“Vegan food is bland and boring.” You’ve heard it, we’ve heard it. It’s why we make Pa’lais so delicious. Try it out with these delicious recipes, or get inspired to do your own thing

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Spready, saucyand non-dairy!

To make Pa’lais, first we take some organic fairtrade cashews. Then, we turn them into milk and add cultures. We keep it all warm and cosy, so that it gets very cultured indeed, giving it the characteristic Pa’lais taste and texture. And voila! Tasty creamy products made without bothering any cows!

Pa'lais Spreads

Our spreads have incredible fresh flavours and creamy textures. That just means they taste good. Obviously, we would say that. But give them a try to find out if we’re telling the truth…

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Spread the love

Pa'lais Cuisine

Pa’lais plant-based sauces are pretty simple. You don’t need to be a chef to use our creamy Bechamel or cheesy Pasta Sauce. Something this tasty and easy to use shouldn’t be healthy – but it is!

Get saucy!
Get saucy!

You arePa'lais

You arePa'lais

There’s plenty of room in our Plant Kitchen, come and chill with us. Our community is great for recipes and inspo, and you can even share your own if you want. No pressure. Just make sure to add or #palaisbio to your post.

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Here’s where you can see the questions people ask the most. You could almost call these questions “frequently asked”.

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