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What are Pa'lais products made of?

The main ingredient of all our Pa’lais products is sustainable cashewnuts from which we make our plant-based milk. You will find the complete list of ingredients below each item in our product pages.

I heard Pa'lais products are fermented, what does that mean?

Fermentation has been used for centuries to make cheese all over the world and we are using these same techniques in our Pa’lais products to make dairy alternatives. We start by making milk from sustainable cashews, and then add some ferments to it. Next, we heat it up to let the ferments spread and transform the milk into a creamy substance. The original flavours, smells and textures will change into a creamy dairy alternative that we call Pa’lais.

Are Pa'lais products vegan?

Yes. No animal products have been used to make Pa’lais products nor to produce the ingredients that compose them.

Are Pa'lais products organic?

Yes, all Pa’lais products are certified organic by Certisys since 2018.

Does Pa'lais use added sugars in their products?

All of our products are sugar-free.


At which temperature should I keep the products?

All Pa’lais products should be stored in the fridge at a maximum temperature of 7°C.

Can I freeze Pa'lais to use it again afterwards?

When you have incorporated Pa’lais products in your dishes you can freeze it as long as you follow the general freezing guidelines. However, the Pa’lais products on their own are not recommended to be frozen as they might loose their qualities.


Can Pa'lais be used as an alternative for dairy products?

Yes, Pa’lais products are 100% plant-based and, therefore, perfect dairy free alternatives to include in your diet even though you are lactose intolerant or casein allergic.

How do I use the Pa'lais Cuisine Sauces?

All Pa’lais Cuisine Sauces are easy-to-use. First shake the cup before opening it, heat up the sauce for about 3 minutes in a pan, season to taste and use it in your preferred dish.

Can I still use Pa'lais products after its expiration date?

No, we advise you not to use our products after their expiration date. Once the date has passed we cannot guarantee the same high quality standard of our products.

How long can I consume Pa'lais products after opening them?

After opening, consume Pa’lais Cuisine Sauces within 3 days and Pa’lais Spreads within 5 days. After this, we cannot guarantee the same high quality standard of our products after.


Can Pa'lais packaging be recycled?

Yes. Our cups are 100% recyclable and can be thrown in the plastic recycle bin after usage and our paper sleeves can be thrown into the paper waste bin and thus also be recyled.

Can I buy Pa'lais in bulk?

Not yet, but we are working to make this happen in the future.


Can Pa'lais packaging be recycled?

Yes. Our cups are 100% recyclable and can be thrown in the plastic recyclebin after usage and our cardboard sleeves can be thrown into the paper waste bin and thus also be recyled.

Can I buy Pa'lais in bulk?

Not yet but we are working to make this happen in the future.


Where do the Pa'lais products come from?

Our main ingredient is organic cashew nuts, they come from a fairtrade producer in Vietnam. The production of Pa’lais takes place in our 100% plant-based atelier in Maldegem, Belgium.

How are your cashews sustainable?

All organic cashew nuts used for the manufacturing of Pa’lais come from a fairtrade producer in Vietnam. Our producer is also certified by the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. This audit guarantees the excellence of the production processes and the working conditions of the employees (normal working hours, lunch breaks, etc). The nuts are shelled mechanically, without any manual intervention.


Are Pa'lais Products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, all our products are 100% plantbased and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What are the allergens in Pa'lais

Are Pa'lais products gluten-free?

Yes, all Pa’lais products are gluten-free.

Are Pa'lais products lactose-free?

Yes, all Pa’lais products are 100% plant-based and therefore dairy free, naturally lactose-free and free from animal protein. .

What are the allergenes in Pa'lais?

People with a nut allergy should avoid our products. The main ingredient in all our products are cashew nuts and our spreads also contain almonds. People with a soy allergy should avoid Sauce Alfredo and Sauce Shiitake. Always check the ingredient list on the package. Pa’lais mentions possible allergens in bold on its packs.

Are Pa'lais products suitable for people with a dairy allergy?

Yes, all our products are 100% plantbased and are therefore suitable for people who are allergic to dairy or casein.


What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?

A balanced plant-based diet is good for your health in many ways. Plant-based foods offer numerous vitamins, minerals and oxidants. Moreover, balanced plant-based diets support the immune system, reduce inflammation risk, decrease heart issues and blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What are the benefits of incorporating Pa'lais into a healthy diet?

All our Pa’lais products are high in proteins (+/- 10% in the spreads) and vitamins (B, E and K), but low in salt (less than 1%), sugar, except for the Mango & Chili spread, and low in satured fats. They do not include any artificial ingredients. Pa’lais products have either Nutri-Score A for the spreads and B for the sauces.


Who is behind Pa'lais?

There is no food giant behind Pa’lais. Instead you can find Laurent Jadot, a vegan entrepreneur, and Kevin Storms, a chef specialising in plant-based cuisine, at the helm of Pa’lais. They realised that nobody was making non-dairy alternatives that were not only natural and healthy, but also tasty and creamy. So they rolled up their sleeves and decided to create their own in their food lab. There, they conducted their research to create plant-based alternatives to dairy products with taste and nutritional qualities. After months of experimentation, they decided to make these products available to everyone.

Where does the name Pa'lais come from?

There are several ways in which you can interpret the word Pa’lais, here they are summed up. 1. There is no milk in Pa’lais (“pas de lait” in french) 2. Pa’lais is a delight for the palate (“palais” in french) 3. “Pa’lais is royal”.

Where can I find Pa'lais?

Pa’lais is currently available in several outlets in Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. Take a look at our list of points of sale to find the nearest store to you.

Can I also buy Pa'lais as a professional?

If you are a professional in the food sector we have several dairy-free spreads and sauces to turn your atelier into a Plant Kitchen. Our products are available in foodservice solutions for your establishment, cantine or company. Click here to contact us.

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