Spreading change

Our spreads were made to look like cheese, spread like cheese and taste like cheese, no wonder they work great slapped on some toast. But you can also use them as dips, when cooking or even in desserts. We’ve got cracking flavours like the classic Garlic & Fine Herbs and the spicy Black Pepper. We could tell you all about how they are 100% plant-based, made from sustainable cashews, healthy, etc etc but let’s stop here. Every moment you spend reading this is valuable time you could be spending enjoying our spreads!

A great sauce of inspiration

Ready, spready, go!

We started out with spreads ‘cos everyone loves a good sandwich. But then we realised that our spreads worked great with all sorts of things: raw veg, tortilla chips, avocados. Heck, you can even make a cheesecake out of it. Click the button below to check out all our spread recipes.

Get spreading