Pa’lais Sauce Alfredo

Be the big cheese!

Pa’lais Sauce Alfredo is a plant-based alternative to cheese sauce, prepared with cashew nuts. No milk, cream, butter or flour. It brings a rich, creamy texture and a unique cheese flavour to your spaghetti carbonara, your vegetable gratins or your “Macaroni & Cheese”. Quickly preparing tasty carbonara pasta or cheese-flavoured macaroni is very simple with this easy-to-use sauce. Just heat it up and mix it with your pasta. It is also delicious in a vegetable gratin. Season to taste. Shake well before use.

Usage : shake well before use, gently warm up for 2 minutes while stirring. Add water if necessary. This is a natural product, separation is normal.





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Nutritional values100gr
  • Energy

    580kJ /138 kcal

  • Fat

    10,1 g

  • of which saturated fat

    2,9 g

  • Carbohydrate

    5,3 g

  • dont sucre

    2,2 g

  • Fibres

    1,6 g

  • Protein

    3,7 g

  • Salt

    0,9 g

  • cashew nuts*


  • white miso* (rice*, soybeans*, seasalt, A.Oryzae)

  • onion*

  • nutritional yeast*

  • coconut oil*

  • salt

  • pepper*

  • nutmeg*

  • mustard*

  • apple vinegar*

  • sunflower oil*

  • garlic*

  • turmetic*

  • arrowroot*

  • flaxseed fiber

  • ferments (organic certified)*

  • *organic certified

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A great sauce of inspiration

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